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J.R.’s Karate Club has been in operation since 1984.   The past thirty-plus years our club has evolved and grown with the changes in the industry and needs of our athletes.

Martial artists require many qualities such as patience, speed, strength, endurance, agility, balance, timing, technical knowledge, and strategy.   We model and develop these attributes in a supportive and athletic environment.  We practice to improve on these skills through a wide variety of drills.

J.R.’s Karate Club provides the environment, the information, and the opportunity to gain experience.  You have to meet us halfway. That means attending practices regularly, paying attention to the lesson, and giving your best effort during practices.  This would be required of athletes of all ages from of 4 year old beginners to masters.  Anything worth doing well requires some personal discipline and sacrifice.

Hope to see you in the dojo!

Sensei Joe Ramirez

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