Members Conduct

  1. Karate-ka will behave in a manner that respects and honours themselves and our society both in and out of the Dojo.
  2. No Karate student will provoke violence outside the dojo, nor allow him/herself to be provoked into violence.
  3. No alcohol or drugs will be taken before class.
  4.  Always bow when entering or exiting the dojo.
  5. All Black Belts will be addressed as “sensei”.  Bowing to instructors when making requests is mandatory.
  6. Be serious in your efforts and attitude.
  7. Listen attentively to all instructions so you receive a full understanding of the techniques or concepts being explained.  Stop all activity and taking when the instructing sensei speaks to you alone or to the class at large.  Loud talking, vulgarity, profanity and rudeness are never permitted.
  8. Bow before and after training with a person.  Respect all other members of the dojo, whether they are above or below you in rank.  When engaged in kumite drills, remember that you are using each other in a co-operative effort to advance your understanding of Karate: you are not trying to defeat, harm or embarrass the other person.  The experiences and efforts of each Karate-ka are worthy of your respect, even if at first you cannot recognize this fact.  Converse only when directed to do so.
  9. Respect the sensei’s requests and instructions in all maters pertaining to Karate.  If you have a question or concern, bring it to attention of a sensei or sempai, when the class is not training, in a quiet manner.
  10. Higher belts may be asked to aid lower belts in their training, but will not teach technique or kata without the sensei’s permission.  When receiving correction from a senior rank, stop and listen.  Only criticism of a constructive and respectful nature will be offered.
  11. All gis will be white.  Remove all jewellery (rings, watches, earrings, etc.) while training to reduce the risk of injury.
  12. Use of protective equipment is strongly recommended during the practice of any form of kumite (sparring).
  13. A high standard of personal cleanliness is absolute.  Finger and toe-nails must be clean and clipped short.  Gis must always be clean and presentable.
  14. Do not eat, drink, chew gum or smoke on the dojo floor.  Rough-housing is not permitted.
  15. Under no circumstances will any form of Karate be taught by any member to any non-member.
  16. Jiyu-kumite (free-sparring) is not allowed without the express permission of the Dojo Sensei.
  17. FEEs –Financial obligation to the Dojo are the sole responsibility of the individual student.

NOTE:  Each and every member has the right to appeal a disciplinary action administered to him/her at the dojo level.