History of Our Club

J.R.’s Karate Club began in 1984 in the basement of Master Ramirez’ home with the intentions of helping others to have a great opportunity to learn the traditional style of martial arts.  If not for his overwhelming desire to pass on his teachings to his children, we would not have the opportunity to learn the art from the Master.  Master Ramirez recognized the need to correctly teach the next generation the proper way of traditional karate and thus J.R.’s Karate Club was born.

Due to the growing number of students, the club moved from the basement of the home of Master Ramirez, to a local elementary school.

Their exceptional ability to learn and excel in the martial arts exceeded expectations.  Their genuine love for the art and loyalty to the club has greatly assisted in the success of J.R.’s Karate Club.  They are an invaluable asset to the club and it’s members, and are currently head instructors at the clubs working under Master Joe Ramirez.  Due to the increasing demand of interested students, the club was forced to expand again.

In 1992, the Valley Park Community Center location was opened which proved to be very successful.  One year later, the Binbrook Memorial Hall location opened due to the overwhelming demand in the area.  All three clubs continued to thrive and our success was seen through our well trained students and instructors.

To date, J.R.’s Karate Club has two club locations, offering three classes a week.  Open tournaments are held yearly, and inter-club tournaments are held often.

After 39 years of martial arts, the club currently has 4 locations, 3 head instructors and 15 active junior black belt instructors.

6 thoughts on “History of Our Club

  1. Hi there! My cousins, Jon and Mike Lemmon, trained with your school for years and we are interested in bringing our son Cole. We would love the friday evening time slot at Janet Lee. He is 4 (turning 5 in September). I would be grateful to learn more about your programs and also the rates that go along with it. Thanks!

  2. Hi Candace,
    Thank you for your message. We recognize that every child is very unique. Addmitance into the club is based on one’s ability to focus and follow instuctions. If your child is interested, we suggest that s/he participate in a short trial period. If this is something you would like to discuss further, please call me at 905.520.2371. We hope to hear from you.

  3. Hi I’m looking for fall classes for my daughter. She turned 3 in July. Could you please contact me with time slot and location options for her age along with pricing. Thank you

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